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STRIKE OUT - The Ugly Truth Moves to LA

Category: The Ugly Truth News
Article Date: February 22, 2008 | Publication: Willamette Week | Author: editors
Source: Willamette Week

Posted by: admin

The end of the writer’s strike means everybody is back in show business, right? Not PDX, it turns out. The Ugly Truth, starring TV/movie actress Katherine Heigl (Knocked Up,) as a “romantically challenged morning-show producer,” and man-tastic Gerard Butler (300), was scheduled to start shooting in Portland in April. That was, until the strike ended. Now that Heigl’s returned to her role as “Izzie Stevens” on Grey’s Anatomy, Lakeshore Entertainment (which shot both Untraceable and Feast of Love in PDX) was forced to move locales for the flick closer to her . “It’s a timing thing,” says Thomas Beatty, assistant to Lakeshore head of production Richard Wright. Thanks a lot, writers.


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