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WRATH UK Premiere (Blog)

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Article Date: February 23, 2008 | Publication: Wrath of Gods | Author: Staff
Source: Wrath of Gods

Posted by: DaisyMay

Wrath of Gods will be screened at the 14th annual Bradford International Film Festival in Bradford, UK on March 5th, 2008. For more information see the Bradford International Film Festival:

Wrath of Gods
Certadv PG)
Dir. Jon Gustafsson
Canada/Iceland, 72 mins, 2006
Cast: Documentary with: Sturla Gunnarsson, Gerard Butler, Stellan Skarsgård, Sarah Polley, Ingvar Sigurdsson

Making a movie offers a potential kaleidoscope of experiences. Some are good, some bad and some just plain ugly. For those embroiled in the creation of Beowolf and Grendel during the Icelandic winter of 2004, life becomes one long struggle with the elements. Cast and crew battle against hurricane-strength winds. A fire prompts a rapid evacuation of a key set. Funding is precarious and at constant risk of collapse. And a magnificent Viking longboat, custom-built for the movie, proves to be less than watertight. “We have a leaky boat. It’s a metaphor for the film,” quips producer Wendy Ord.

The combination of ruthless weather and wind-blasted landscape prompts many to ask why Gunnarsson wants to make the film in such a remote spot. The filmmaker’s response is simple: authenticity. On that basis he is prepared to surmount any and all obstacles, dragging his actors – including Gerard Butler and Sarah Polley - and his crew with him when not everyone shares his vision. Like Terry Gilliam in Lost in La Mancha (a companion piece to this tale of woe) Gunnarsson soldiers on. The difference in the two men’s fortunes is that Gunnarsson’s movie makes it to completion.

Writer/director Jon Gustafsson, hired as a background artiste and seeing an opportunity to chronicle the day-to-day operations of a movie production, inadvertently stumbles upon a disaster in the making. What’s more, he documents the increasing frustrations of a crew that firmly believes the film has been cursed by the ancient Norse gods.

A constantly fascinating fly-on-the-wall insight into the creation of a movie, Wrath of Gods proves that motion picture-making is not a job for ordinary mortals. This is about blood, sweat and tears. And hope. A lot of hope. Tony Earnshaw


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