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Stardoll Expands Features to Promote "Nim's Island"

Category: Nim's Island News
Article Date: March 3, 2008 | Publication: Virtual Worlds News | Author: editors
Source: Virtual Worlds News

Posted by: admin

To promote the upcoming movie "Nim's Island," Stardoll has integrated "Nimís Island" characters and themes with Stardoll, providing "editorial spotlights, virtual giveaways and a line of custom virtual clothes inspired by the film" along with "a limited release store on the siteís virtual shopping galleria." Users at the store will have the option to go the official movie site for a code redeemable for Stardollars and unique, branded clothes. "Stardoll's unparalleled popularity is a testament to their focus on crafting personal, engaging experiences which empower the imagination and aspirations of girls around the world," said Matt Griswold, Director of Interactive Marketing for Fox Walden. "This rich integration introduces the world of 'Nim's Island' in a way that furthers that experience and allows audiences to embrace the characters, fashions and adventure as their own."


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