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Nim's Island Our World: A Reel Thinking Event on Animal Planet April 2, 2008

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Article Date: March 1, 2008 | Publication: Fox Walden | Author: Press Release
Source: Fox Walden

Posted by: admin

The Nim's Island: Our World - Reel Thinking Event is a multi-component educational and entertainment event designed to engage students nationwide. The 30-minute commercial-free program will highlight how children can take care of where they live - their "island" - by taking an active role in protecting the environment. The show will premiere on Animal Planet on April 2, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. EST/PST as Cable in the Classroom featured programming.

Hosted by Animal Planet host Jeff Corwin, the program will feature:

* Standards-based Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Visual Arts and Character Education content

* Interviews with environmental experts and Nim's Island cast & filmmakers

* Sneak preview film clips

* Students who have already begun to affect change with the environment through their own efforts

When you sign up, you'll gain access to comprehensive standards-based curriculum and be invited to participate in pre-event webchats with featured experts from the National Wildlife Federation and the NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries Program and author Wendy Orr.

THERE'S MORE! Students are invited to enter Walden Media's Nim's Island Our World Environmental Challenge, sponsored by Razoo. Submit YOUR idea for improving the environment in your own backyard, across town or around the world! Your ideas will be put to an online vote to select a pool of finalists from which our expert panel will select winners to receive cash prizes to implement their plans!

Stay tuned for more details on this once-in-a-lifetime event!


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