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A Movie Kids (And Their Moms) Will Want To See (Blog)

Category: Nim's Island News
Article Date: March 20, 2008 | Publication: Labouring in Obscurity | Author: Chris Pearson
Source: Labouring in Obscurity

Posted by: DaisyMay

Nimís Island was a little known chapter book before producers purchased the rights to the book and turned it into a film. I book marked Wendy Orrís blog and watcher her giddiness as her vision turned into big-screen reality. Her story proves the exception for authors of movie adaptations. Unless a person is Stephen King or J.K Rowling, many authors have little say in the way the films turn out. (I have to find the article, but Madeline LíEngle was allegedly not happy with the adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time on ABC.) The movie will release April 4th in theaters and the trailer looks cute. Personally, I look forward to Gerard Butler playing a role reminiscent of Dear Frankie as Nimís father. I liked 300 and I liked Timeline, but see Dear Frankie and know he does a lot more than yell.

The quest to cast Butler, plus the evolution of the novel to the screen, can be found in this article.


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