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A new lesson for 'Teacher'

Category: Teacher Man News
Article Date: May 31, 2006 | Publication: Variety | Author: DAVE MCNARY
Source: Variety

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Baldwins learn from McCourt's story

Howard and Karen Baldwin are developing a feature version of Frank McCourt's bestselling memoir "Teacher Man" with Ron Bass. The Baldwins are working through their Baldwin Entertainment Group shingle.

Bass will adapt the tome, which details McCourt's 30-year career teaching English and creative writing in New York's public school system, beginning in 1958.

Howard Baldwin told Daily Variety that he was attracted to the project partly because of his own mother's experiences as a teacher for 25 years. "This is a hugely popular property with a massive built-in audience," he added.

Bass said the feature version will focus on the changes in the teacher's character over several decades, as opposed to his 1995 screenplay "Dangerous Minds," which focused on a single class over a school year. His other credits include "Rain Man," for which he won an original screenplay Oscar, "Stepmom" and "Waiting to Exhale."

McCourt won the Pulitzer Prize for his earlier memoir "Angela's Ashes," which was adapted into the 1999 film directed by Alan Parker.

The Baldwins are developing a Jackie Robinson biopic with Robert Redford; "Atlas Shrugged" for Lionsgate; "Death Sentence," directed by James Wan; "The Legacy of Luna"; and a stage musical based on the life of Ray Charles.


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