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Sony firms up early '09 plans

Category: The Ugly Truth News
Article Date: April 4, 2008 | Publication: Variety | Author: PAMELA MCCLINTOCK
Source: Variety

Posted by: admin

'Panther 2' moves up, 'Meatballs' moves back

Sony is firming up its early 2009 release calendar, including setting Robert Luketic's Katherine Heigl-Gerard Butler romantic comedy to open April 4
and taking toon "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" off of its March 27 date for release somewhere else during the year.

In its March 27 date, "Meatballs" would have gone up against DreamWorks Animation's 3-D pic "Monsters vs. Aliens." Sony, which had claimed the frame first, has not yet set a new release date for "Meatballs."

Also, Sony moved up the release of "Pink Panther 2" by one week to Feb. 6, the same frame where "Pink Panther" debuted. Sony also has set Screen Gems' "Not Easily Broken" to open Jan. 9, and dated "Underworld 3" for Jan. 23.


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