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Mark Levin and Jennifer Flacket, Nim's Island

Category: Nim's Island Reviews
Article Date: April 6, 2008 | Publication: Athens Exchange | Author: Allison Key

Posted by: stagewomanjen

Being stranded on an island has never seemed more appealing. Nimís Island contains beautiful scenery with a fantastical plot that are, at times, unbelievable. Although Island tends to be unrealistic, the roots of the film are traced in its emphasis on imagination and innocence.

Nim, played by Abigail Breslin of Little Miss Sunshine, is the perfect companion for her scientist father Jack (Gerard Butler). They inhabit a secret island that is nothing short of magical for the young girl. Keeping Nim company on the island are the animals she befriends and her favorite book character Indiana Jones-like Alex Rover (also Butler).

When Jack must go to sea in order to conduct research, Nim begs to be left at their home on the island. Jack reluctantly agrees and promises to be home in two days. A storm destroys Jackís boat, leaving him stranded at sea. After Nim realizes her father should have been home days ago, she emails author Alexandra Rover (Jodie Foster) for help. The agoraphobic author battles her fear of leaving her home and travels across the globe in order to aid the young girl.

Alexandra Rover proves to be nothing compared to her character, Alex Rover, that she lives vicariously through. Alexandra and her imaginary character Alex journey to the island, until Alex leaves Alexandra to face her fears and complete the trip alone.

Meanwhile, Nim discovers a cruise that wants to commercialize the island and transform it into a tourist destination. With the help of her animal friends, Nim defends the island from the invasion. Upon Alexandraís arrival, Nim displays disappointment when she finds out that the author Alex Rover is a woman. Nimís courage impacts the Alexandra, forcing her to once again reexamine her outlook on life. The two bond in each of their needs of companionship. Nimís father is able to repair his boat and return back to his daughter.

Nimís Island tells the tale of three different characters and their relationships to the island. At the conclusion, all three characters come together to adapt to their new lives on the island.

This film is offers a new twist on childrenís adventure films. Breslin creates an aura of girl power that is generally not found in adventure-fantasy movies. Island is sure to please parents with its promotion of reading and imagination.

Nimís Island proves to be a magical island, though not one to be stranded on. The childrenís film treks into the familiar territory of predictable jokes and plot. However, the film reaches its target audience, while also pleasing parents.


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