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Movie Review: Nimís Island (blog)

Category: Nim's Island Reviews
Article Date: April 7, 2008 | Publication: | Author: Editor

Posted by: stagewomanjen

Went to watch Nimís Island last night with Hannah, babe, Jacq and WC. The movie proved to be entertaining but was lacking the right stuff to attract a larger audience. Here is my quick review.

The movie centers around Nim, a young girl who lives with his dad on a secret remote island unknown to other people. Life on the island is good till one day when Nimís dad was lost at sea while he was in an expedition. As time passes, Nim gets more worried about his dadís safety and wonder if he will ever return. She then seeks the help of legendary book hero Alex Rover to find his dad. After much persuasion, Alex Rover decides to find Nim and help her find her dad. What Nim doesnít know is Alex Rover is not really the hero she think he is. In fact, Alex Rover is actually a lady who wrote the Alex Rover books and in reality no where close to the hero she created. As Nim waits for Alex Roverís arrival, she encounters a danger that threatens the island she is staying at. From this point on, the movie is all about Alex Roverís struggle to find Nim and Nimís efforts to fend off the danger that threatens her island with the help of her animal friends.

Cast & Crew
Jodie Foster stars as the real Alex Rover and Abigail Breslin as Nim. Gerard Butler stars as both Nimís dad and the fictional hero version of Alex Rover. Jodie Foster still looks good and nailed her part. She has always been a great actor and never failed to act any role given to her flawlessly. Abigail Breslin also nailed her part, which makes me more excited to watch her other movie, Definitely Maybe. Gerard Butler did good as well and at times some scenes of him as Nimís dad, he sounded like his other role as Leonidas in 300. hehÖ But not to forget, the animals who are Nimís friends. Some were real and some are CG. Regardless, they were quite fun and entertaining to watch.

Good Points
The movie is very entertaining to watch with kids. Especially when it comes to the scenes that has the animals who are Nimís friends. The lizard called Fred was a really good laugh. You can find many good morals to be learned in this movie such as theres nothing wrong to be adventurous and have a little imagination, never to give up hope, to be courageous and the strength of the love between father and daughter.

Bad Points
This movie is not for most people. The story seemed to be truly meant for little kids and parents to watch. It doesnít have enough substance to make it truly entertaining for most people. I know if i would have watched this without Hannah, Iíll find it boring as the story is predictable and you canít help feeling it just lacks somethingÖ Even despite the good acting especially the entertaining animals. What i hated about the movie is that you donít really get to see the real Alex Rover do any real action on the island. In fact, it was all about what happened to her during the trip to Nimís island. The trailer gave me the impression that youíll get to see Nim & Alex Rover in action on the island. Such was not the caseÖ The cg for the movie wasnít really good. Things like the whale and pelican looked too fakeÖ I know its suppose to be fake, but it should at least look convincingly realistic.

I watched it with Hannah and it turned out to be fun. But in all honestyÖ Unless youíre watching this with kids or love family fun movies, do avoid.

Three stars


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