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Richard Donner's Timeline Q&A

Category: Timeline News
Article Date: January 6, 2003 | Publication: Timeline - The Movie | Author: Editors

Posted by: admin

We are very happy that Mr. Donner could take some of his valuable time to answer these questions submitted by visitors to The Timeline Movie web site. We appreciate all of his hard work both in providing these answers to fans hungry for news about Timeline, and for time spent on the making of the actual film. Thank you, Mr. Donner! -The Editor

1. What did you think of the Core group that did the combat scenes around the actors (not talking about stunt men) in the castle of Larocque. How do they compare to other such groups in the world of Hollywood? I enjoyed working on this project. I was one of the SSE hired to fight with sword and bow. -Pascal

I would take that “Core Group” anyplace, anytime to work with. A more dedicated, knowledgeable group of professionals I have not had the pleasure of working with. I am going to teach them how to skydive, and drive fast cars so they can do my next picture.

2. I would like to know how close the movie will follow the book? How involved was Michael Crichton in the production of the film? -Jimmy

We stayed quite close to the book. You have to remember, however, that the book was 450 pages or so. We have to take liberties to fit 100 pages into a minute and a half scene. With Michael Chricton’s blessing we made those changes. It was his input that really made it work.

3. I understand that they had 5 weeks of shooting nights, and was wondering what king if physical toll that had on the cast and crew. Also, what is Richard Donners' next film going to be. I can't wait to see Timeline. -Bill

The nights and weather’s effect on the production was that we have a wonderfully fulfilled and beautifully realized sequence. But it was brutal on everybody. It’s debilitating. The rain and the cold get to you. But in the end the elements served to simulate fro the actors how harsh this type of action in the medieval period really was. It became very real.

4. How involved is Mr. Donner in the marketing of the film? Does he have a pick in which "one sheets" the studio picks to market the film? -Matt

My wife Lauren, who is producing the picture, and I are extremely active in the marketing of my films. The President of Marketing at Paramount, Mr. Rob Friedman, and I have a working relationship that goes back many years. He is extremely communicative and likes the input of all the mutual parties concerned. We are thrilled to be under his guidance.

5. Do you guys know when the first Timeline trailer, and the first Timeline poster will be released? -Mike

When we know the release date we will have teasers and trailers. As of now, it looks like end of summer or Thanksgiving 2003. We feel that is the best time to release the picture, and there is less competition for our audience.

6. I have read in Internet that some characters have changed in the film in relation to the book. For example, I have read that “Lord Arnaut” and “Lady Claire” are brothers. If this is true, must I suppose that the character of “Lord Arnaut” has more importance in the film than in the book? I would like to know if there are more changes in these two characters in relation to the book, if you can tell them, of course. -Vincente

As for the characters changing from the book, once we found a screenplay that worked we tried not to go back to the book, and that was a long time ago. But we kept it close.

7. How true does the movie stay to the historical aspects of the book? -Bella

Historically, it’s close to the book.

8. First of all, I would like to say that I can't wait for this movie to come out. It's gonna rock. Any how, were you approached about directing this film, or did you ask to be a part of this momentous event? -Joel

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity through Michael Chricton and jumped at the chance to make it. I had tried to make one of his books into a film for a long time. I was supposed to do one called Jurassic Park, but a friend of mine needed the work, so I let him do it.

9. How did the production manage to make the translators work? Are they going to use subtitles or did they let the french people speak in english as a convention the audience has to buy like in "The Hunt for Red October" where the camera zooms in on two men having a conversation in Russian and when the camera pulls back, they start speaking english? -ALOTA

We didn’t use the earpieces. That was a total departure from the book.

10. What will your next project be? -Matt

I am developing an original screenplay with Brian Helgeland. It’s a western called High Lonesome.


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