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Horton' haul grows abroad

Category: Nim's Island News
Article Date: April 21, 2008 | Publication: Variety | Author: Dave McNary
Source: Variety

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Family favorite "Horton Hears a Who!" edged "21" and "Street Kings" to lead a mild spring frame at the foreign box office with $9.7 million at 5,301 playdates, the fourth consecutive win for the CGI toon.

"Horton" has now cumed $117.7 million offshore and $262 million worldwide, meeting studio expectations and showing solid traction with South Korea and Japan still to open. It's the first time a pic's led for four straight seshes since "I Am Legend" won five weekends in a row early this year.

Biggest contributions for the big-hearted pachyderm came in France, where the third weekend B.O. rose 6% to $3.3 million and a second-place Italian launch of $1.6 million. And its fifth Oz frame rose 13% to boost cume to $9.3 million.

With tentpole season starting April 30 when "Iron Man" launches in some major markets (France, South Korea, Spain), studios opted for limited international openings and expansions as spring winds down.

Sony's "21" took in a solid $9.6 million at 1,729 in 21 markets for a $5,025 per-location average, coming in first in the U.K. with a $2 million soph sesh, a $1.7 million Russian launch and a $1.4 million Spanish second frame.

Fox's "Street Kings" showed some foreign muscle with action fans, taking in $8.5 million at 2,429 in 37 markets, led by a second-place launch in Australia with $1.4 million and fourth-place openings in the U.K. with $1.3 million and in Germany with $1 million. "Kings" scored first places in openings in Mexico with $709,143 and in Taiwan with $317,955.

France's local films continued to perform well with Jean-Paul Rouve's helming debut "Without Weapon, Hatred, or Violence" and megahit "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis" both taking in about $7 million. "Ch'tis" has cumed around $200 million in Europe, mostly in France.

Teutonic romancer "Summer," a Disney acquisition, launched in first in Germany and Austria with $2.8 million at 435.

Par's "The Spiderwick Chronicles" led the rest of the pack with $5.3 million at 3,018 in 63 markets as the fantasy pushed its foreign cume to $74 million -- $4 million above the domestic total in a sign of the traction of fantasy fare in foreign markets.

Universal/Summit's "Nim's Island" conjured up $3.2 million at 1,108 in seven markets.

U/Summit's "Step up 2 to the Streets" kicked in $4.3 million at 1,749 to bring the foreign take to $76.3 million -- 36% ahead of the domestic total, led by $19.4 million in the U.K. after five weeks.

Warner Bros.' "Fool's Gold" showed some charm with $4.1 million at 800, led by a $2.4 million first-place launch in the U.K. The romantic comedy's cumed $20 million so far with France and Italy opening next weekend.

U's "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" opened smartly in first place in Oz, day and date, grabbing $1.7 million at 208.

Title (Distributor) Reported
Box Office Engagements
This Week Per Screen Average Cumulative
1. Forbidden Kingdom, The (Lionsgate) $21,401,121 3,151 6,792 $21,401,121
2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Universal) $17,725,330 2,798 6,335 $17,725,330
3. Prom Night (Sony) $8,670,364 2,700 3,211 $32,133,926
4. 88 Minutes (Sony) $6,957,216 2,168 3,209 $6,957,216
5. Nim's Island (20th Century Fox) $5,687,072 3,277 1,735 $32,894,115
6. 21 (Sony) $5,520,362 2,903 1,902 $70,004,505
7. Street Kings (Fox Searchlight) $4,179,505 2,469 1,693 $20,058,143
8. Horton Hears A Who (20th Century Fox) $3,511,834 2,670 1,315 $144,418,495
9. Leatherheads (Universal) $3,049,465 2,798 1,090 $26,605,235
10. Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (Rocky Mountain Pictures)


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