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'Nimís Island' an adventure comedy that works

Category: Nim's Island Reviews
Article Date: April 24, 2008 | Publication: Wicked Local | Author: Joe Sicari

Posted by: stagewomanjen

ďNimís IslandĒ Ė A Fox release. Directed by Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett. Starring Jodie Foster, Abigail Breslin, Gerard Butler, and Michael Carmen. Rated PG.

A better than average family film, Nimís Island gets good performances from its three leads and has a screenplay that has enough laughs to keep the action moving.

Based on Wendy Orrís novel, Nimís Island is a remote uncharted island where scientist Jack (Butler), lives with his little girl Nim (Breslin).

Their island is a paradise where Nim has playmates Ė Selkie the sea lion, among other animals. Nim also has the adventures of Alex Rover, the lead character in a series of adventure books, to keep her imagination growing.

When Nimís father doesnít return from an expedition, and she begins to worry, she takes a chance and, through the Internet, asks for Alex Roverís help. Little does she realize Rover is actually author Alexandra Rover (Foster), an agoraphobic who only lives through her character of Alex Rover. But Alexandra finds the strength to leave the house and tries to help Nim. All through Alexandraís trek to the island, Alex (also Butler) appears to her, giving her the inner power to meet her fears.

Nimís Island isnít without its weakness. Where real life and fiction meet gets kind of mixed up at times. One example is Nimís accidental ignition of a volcano; there is also the raging storm that everyone survives.

But, overall, the adventure works well enough that younger audiences, as well as their parents, will enjoy the proceedings.

Thereís plenty of slapstick, and Foster has fun and is good with it.

Breslin, of course, is the filmís star. Audiences have loved her and will do the same here. Sheís very believable as the tomboy Nim.

Butler has a great time as the carefree big laughing adventurer Alex and the more low-key Jack.

The direction by Levin and Flackett is light and fast-paced, while the combination of live action and special effects work well together. The location photography by Stuart Dryburgh captures some beautiful scenery and Barry Robinsonís production design is smartly done.

Nimís Island is a family adventure comedy that works.


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