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Category: Nim's Island Reviews
Article Date: April 30, 2008 | Publication: The Tottenham Journal | Author: Justin Matlock
Source: Apr 2008 16:52:45:803

Posted by: stagewomanjen

THE last thing to come to mind when you think of Jodie Foster is comedy. She's spent her entire adult life building up a back catalogue of serious and gritty dramas like Silence of The Lambs and The Accused. Even as a kid she starred in Taxi Driver.

So it's disconcerting to see her play it for laughs in fun family adventure NIM'S ISLAND (U) as an agoraphobic writer who travels to a remote island when a little girl (Abigail Breslin) is left alone after her scientist dad (Gerard Butler) goes missing.

Her over-acting and frenzied slapstick steal the show - although with a story as wafer-thin as this, there's very little show to steal in the first place.

Indeed, as the final credits roll you have to wonder what the point of it all was. When you boil down this young girls' version of Robinson Crusoe it amounts to little more than Foster's journey, Butler stuck in a boat and Breslin talking to a bunch of island creatures.

There's little danger for the audience to get caught up in - and the only genuinely heroic character is a figment of Foster's imagination - but the film-makers do a good job of disguising that behind some colourful visuals, decent performances and handfuls of lizards being catapulted across vast distances. That one never gets old.


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