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Phantom of the Opera Sequel (Blog)

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Article Date: May 31, 2008 | Publication: Filmstalker | Author: Richard Brunton
Source: Filmstalker

Posted by: DaisyMay

Andrew Lloyd Webber has revealed that he's going to be working on a new musical, not a great surprise since he turns these things out to great success like hotcakes...whatever they are.

However the musical he's announced is a sequel, and why am I talking about this? Well, because it's a sequel to a successful film which helped fill the varied career rise of a certain Mr Gerard Butler. So could we see another film down the line?

I'm not so sure that Gerard Butler would want to revisit his role as his career has now turned more to the action and hero genre, and he's doing that superbly well and still managing to pick some superb and very different films without being typecast and pidgeon-holed.

However I think it's a safe bet that Andrew Lloyd Webber is thinking of the possibilities of a sequel to this ever successful musical. One is that he has a massive audience out there who love the original, another is that he could run the casting for the West End show as a BBC television series, and the last is that this has successfully made it to the big screen and brought in more exposure and profit.

From the BBC Webber himself says:

"I have got my own new show coming on next year, which is my sequel to the Phantom of the Opera, which I think is going to be called Phantom: Once Upon Another Time...But that will come on in November next year, probably, if everything goes well."

He cements the idea that if they are to continue the BBC series then he needs a show behind it, otherwise it just won't work.

"I also have to remember that it's no good thinking of these shows in isolation...There has to be a show at the end of it. We are different to other shows because there is a real prize of a real job in the West End...

...If we haven't got a show - we don't have a television show."

So it's not a crazy idea to think of a sequel to The Phantom of the Opera musical and to imagine that once it's had a successful run, or perhaps even before, that Hollywood might eye it for a film sequel.

What do you think? Would fans of the original film, and of Butler in the role, want to see a sequel, and would you want Butler to return or for the role to be recast?


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