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Butler poised for Phantom sequel (Rumor)

Category: Film Rumor News
Article Date: June 4, 2008 | Publication: Daily Express | Author: Gavin Docherty
Source: Daily Express

Posted by: admin

GB.Net Note: This is only a RUMOR and speculation.

HOLLYWOOD Scot Gerard Butler is in talks to take to the stage with a starring role in a sequel to The Phantom of the Opera.

The 38-year-old, who shot to worldwide fame as King Leonidas in high-tech battle epic 300, is the number one target for Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Lloyd Webber is returning to the story of the love-struck deformed genius who lived beneath the Paris Opera House.

The impresario wants to bring Butler to the London stage as the Phantom, a role he played in the 2004 film.

He said: "I have got my own new show coming on next year, which is my sequel to The Phantom of the Opera, which I think is going to be called Phantom: Once Upon Another Time.

"But that will come on in November next year, if everything goes well."

A source said that Butler would be Lloyd Webber's only choice for the Phantom again - even though the film version, in which the musical peer had a large financial stake, failed to recover its GBP 30million investment at the box office.

It is also understood Paisley-born Butler is unsure about revisiting the role as his career has now turned more to action films.

However, Lloyd Webber seems determined to land the star, with the promise of a film sequel once the musical has finished its successful run.

A source said: "Because it's a sequel to a film which helped the career rise of Gerard, Lord Andrew believes he will do it. There could be another film down the line.

"There is a massive audience out there who love the original, another is that he could run the casting for the West End show as a film, too."

Directed by Joel Schumacher, the 2004 film co-starred newcomer Emmy Rossum as the young opera singer Christine with whom the Phantom falls in love.

Although she is fascinated and drawn towards the Phantom, she falls in love with childhood sweetheart, Raoul.

The Phantom gets madly jealous, kidnaps Christine, and threatens to kill Raoul.

She, to save Raoul, agrees to marry the Phantom and kisses him. He then realises what he's done and makes Christine go with Raoul, disappearing forever.


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