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Article Date: June 24, 2008 | Publication: Women's Wear Daily | Author: Andrew Roberts
Source: Women's Wear Daily

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Vogue Italia editor in chief Franca Sozzani rolled out the red carpet for a party at Palazzo Litta on a balmy night in Milan Sunday to fete 40 years of L'Uomo Vogue and the glitterati came out in force. "It's been 40 years of collaboration," said Giorgio Armani, who was joined by a host of designers and fashion folk, including Eva and Roberto Cavalli, Diego Della Valle, Alessandra Facchinetti, Ferruccio Ferragamo, Alberta and Massimo Ferretti, Tom Ford, Angela Missoni, Robert Polet, Renzo Rosso, Donatella Versace, Vivienne Westwood and Anna Wintour. "I feel like L'Uomo Vogue is where I started," said Yves Saint Laurent creative director Stefano Pilati, who flew in for the event. "I'm [very pleased] about everything," Frida Giannini said. With Italy playing Spain in the quarterfinals of the European soccer championships, a room off the main courtyard was set aside for viewing, much to the relief of Santo Versace.

"Where are the big screens for the soccer?" he gasped as he entered the party. Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi of 6267 had other things on their minds, after signing for Ferré in April. "We are still working on the Ferré women's collection so we'll still have our grand debut to come," Aquilano said. Stars of the other big screen also put in an appearance, as did singer Janet Jackson and Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova and Claudia Schiffer. "I'm here to live it up," said Adrien Brody. Not so for Tilda Swinton, wearing YSL, who is currently filming "Io Sono l'Amore" with Italian director Luca Guadagnino. "I have to get up at 5 a.m. tomorrow so I'll be going to bed early tonight. We're filming in San Remo, which is three-and-a-half hours away," Swinton said. John Malkovich dropped in after some "meetings" in Milan and seemed to be suffering from the heat. "Am I an icon? I'm not so sure," Malkovich said, wearing a beige linen suit. "It's mine," he said of the suit. "At least I hope so. It was in my closet."

Gerard Butler was handling the temperature better. "I'm just about bearing up," Butler said. "I've been doing a load of photo shoots so I've had a lot of stuff on. It's difficult for a Scots boy like me." Butler was heading to Scotland on Tuesday en route back to his adopted home, America. "I'm actually off to the Highlands for a while to breathe some fresh air," he said.


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