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Comic-Con: Gerard Butler can't find his sunglasses

Category: RockNRolla News
Article Date: July 25, 2008 | Publication: LA Times | Author: Geoff Boucher
Source: LA Times

Posted by: maryp

"This place is madness, but I do love it." Gerard Butler was sitting under a blue umbrella on a balcony of the San Diego Convention Center after the panel for "RocknRolla," the upcoming Guy Ritchie film. "I was signing posters and my watch kept catching on them so I took it off and put it between my legs and then walked off. Now I think someone has stolen my sunglasses."

Butler laughed. He can afford to leave some things behind after what's he taken away from Comic-Con. "When I came here for '300' I came straight from the desert, I had been shooting for 33 straight days -- I was a week short of Jesus, right? -- and it had been all this sword fighting and so surreal to come into a room with 6,800 people or whatever and I didn't know any of it was going to be like that. The reception was unbelievable. This event is such a platform and '300' was part of showing that to people. There was a buzz all around the world after that panel."

Butler said he was surprised when he was first told that he was returning this year. "I didn't think this was the kind of movie that Comic-Con cared about, but that's the big change right? There's room now for movies that aren't about superheroes and such." "RocknRolla" has the gritty London crime setting that harkens back to the filmmaker's breakthrough projects, "Snatch" and "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels." "It's so great Butler said, to be in Guy Ritchie film. They're so masculine and funny and smart and just daft." Turns out that Butler's watch and his sunglasses were right where he left them and returned safely. The Scotsman grinned broadly. "See? This place is great!"


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