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Managing a hard accent

Category: RockNRolla News
Article Date: July 23, 2008 | Publication: Daily Star | Author: GAVIN DOCHERTY
Source: Daily Star

Posted by: admin

SCREEN hunk Gerard Butler turned to Sir Alex Ferguson for inspiration when playing a Glasgow hard man in his new film.

The Paisley-born 300 star's character in RocknRolla, known as 'One-Two', is the sole Glaswegian in director Guy Ritchie's production.

The film, which also stars Thandie Newton and Gemma Arterton, is being hailed as a return to form for Ritchie.

Butler asked Ritchie for more character detail but was told: "Choose one of your own, but make him mean business."

Butler explained: "So I based him on Ferguson.

He's about the hardest Glaswegian I know."


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