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Nim's Island

Category: Nim's Island Reviews
Article Date: August 3, 2008 | Publication: The Boston Herald | Author: Mark A. Perigard

Posted by: stagewomanjen

Jodie Foster makes a dramatic career swerve with this fun family film. In “Nim’s Island,” she plays agoraphobic author Alex Rover, who answers the distress call of a child named Nim (Abigail Breslin) living on a tropical island. Nim’s father (Gerard Butler, “300”) has gone missing and Nim is now trying to protect her paradise from a terrifying onslaught of . . . Australian tourists. Crikey!

Few would associate Academy Award winner Foster with slapstick, but she proves she’s game here. Nim is expecting the presumed male author of her favorite action hero novels to save her and is disappointed when Foster’s acute neurotic shows up. Butler is his dependable charming self in dual roles, as the bookish biologist father to Nim and as the Indiana Jones alter ego both Nim and Alex depend upon for day-to-day inspiration.

On the commentary track, Foster and Breslin trade stories about the wildlife with which they worked. Making “Nim’s Island” seems to have been a treat to all involved, but the story sputters and ends just when it should be revving up. Sometimes the journey should be about more than merely getting there.

Fox/Walden Media, $29.98, with featurettes, deleted scenes and star commentary, available Tuesday.

Rating: B+


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