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Toronto: Mr. Madonna Scores (Blog)

Category: RocknRolla Reviews
Article Date: September 4, 2008 | Publication: Blogs - New York Post | Author: Lou Lumenick
Source: New York Post

Posted by: admin

Starting my Toronto International Film Festival experience this year with a 9 a.m. screening of a Guy Ritchie movie seemed like a dicey proposition, but "RockNRolla'' is a lot of fun, if familiar. The plot of this jokey crime thriller is way too complicated to describe before my next screening, but I'll say that Gerard Butler, never one of my favorite, reveals a hitherto unsuspected talent for comedy as a hapless criminal who gets involved in a series of double-crosses. And Tom Wilkinson, cast way against type, channels Bob Hoskins as an old-school Cockney crime boss struggling to stay on top in a multicultural, very corrupt London. Warners, which is planning a limited release next month, reportedly has been allowing producer Joel Silver to shop "RockNRolla'' around to other studios, but while it's notably less violent than some of Richie's signatures work, it still seems like a movie for specialized audiences.


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