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Interview with Gerard Butler

Category: Interviews
Article Date: October 23, 2008 | Publication: Cinema Voice (Japan) | Author: Editors (translated from Japanese)
Source: Cinema Voice

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+ Your character Jerry is a loving and devoted husband who's supported his wife in real life and even after his life. He is portrayed like an angel so what did you think about Jerry by playing him?

Gerard Butler(G):Um...I love the guy. I learned a lot about myself playing him in terms of my own stubbornness, you know, any person's own need to be right I think that Jerry always sees the bigger picture. So, he knows how to see what's really going on with somebody else and in the end of the day, maybe that's more important than being right in the argument. And so he had so many things, so much loving and so much selflessness and um courage and caring that you see all through out the movie. And that ability which is very Irish thing to make fun in the worst situations. You know, to turn the tragedy into something humorous which really is actually as you see in the film, very funny, more funny, surprisingly profound and powerful.

+ I guess the acting is such a tough job, but in what moment do you find the best attraction in acting?

G:Um...I think that's in the moment of performance. Perhaps you are doing the scene that isn't working. There's something that is not happening, maybe the energy is wrong, the rhythm is wrong, you're not hitting the moments and though either discussion with the other actor or director or something you change and then suddenly, it hits and you feel it in the whole room, you feel people going "Yes!" and so exciting and it's uh...and you look at the other person and then that moment there's completely abandoned me, you know you're willing to say to that person "you're the best actor that I ever worked with. I love my life! I live my job!" and it's just everything disappears and I'm always...there's a great purity to it because it's pure creation. I love that moment.

+ After going through all the effort and struggling, you really became an actor. You never loose your passion for acting at any cost so what is the reason that you can keep going?

G:Yeah. Cause I think that I've not chosen the easiest path which has helped me in the long run. It's why I'm still here and why things are going well because, I think for me anyway, I've chosen roles that was always very risky like "The Phantom of the Opera", not being a singer and never having a role like that or Leonidas in "300" then straight to tragy romantic comedic and black comedies and thrillers and that's one of the reasons that I can keep doing because I always try to do different things. To keep challenging myself and to take on a different role a different story and therefore I'm always scared. (laughs)I'm always like "Oh, I don't know if I can do this" I'm always challenging myself and I'm always going into new territory.

+ So, what is your motto, your philosophy to live by?

G:My philosophy? You know, I feel like I have many and I feel like I have none. I've done a...I just came back from India and it was all about meditating and yoga and awareness. Living ones life awake, being aware in every moment of who you are and what's happening, good and bad. Really the truth of where you are coming from um... but within that, there's a million other things that I can say about living your life and appreciating your life really is...always remembering in every moment how lucky you are, to be alive. For instance, I can maybe be feeling down and then take a walk in the park, literally it's a beautiful time of the day, there's birds, the grass of trees and suddenly I feel great again. There's always kind of beauty and inspiration in every moment. And you got to remember that. Cause it's easy, especially for me to get tired or worn out a little bit um...but I wish I thought of these things more. I'm not saying that I think of this every second.

+ What do you think about the ideal way of loving in your idea?

Gerard Butler(G):Ideal way of loving? Um...(laughs) I love that I certainly become the irony of...the voice of "how to have an ideal relationship". If I knew how to have an ideal relationship, I would be married with children. (laughs) I'm probably the wrong person to ask. But I think that...what was the question? How to be loving? I think that a lot of that comes from what you see in Jerry is to get out of your own head for a second and really see the beauty in the other person that you have and not to try to change them, not to try to make them do the things that you want and be the person that you want and to appreciate them as their own entity...own kind's a flower and just really try and love and appreciate and encourage them. Because from that comes this incredible energy I think that the pays back times ten.

+ Yeah. So, I heard that you studied law in college and started to work in law firm, but one day your coworker told you that there must be other things that you really wanna do so you decided to pursue your acting career in spite of loosing job and getting financial problem what made you aspire to become an actor?

G:Well, it was happening long before anybody at the law firm at actual fact, when he mentioned that at the law firm, because they were saying, that it wasn't going to work as a lawyer. Because I was crazy. They were kind of saying "Look, we can see that your soul and your heart it's not here. It lies somewhere our there, so go and follow your dreams." So it wasn't a suggestion, it was more like "Bye-bye" (Burst outs laughing) And my dreams of being an actor way way back when I was 9, 10, 11 and it would come back every couple of years very powerfully. It came back very powerfully when I was 15. Actually I had a dream, this crazy dream when I was living in a kind of a fantasy world and I woke up and going "This is it! I have to do this. I have to be an actor" and it went away and came back but it just never really left me so...he I am.

+ You've worked with so many people and you have so many opportunities and experiences. So among the people that you've worked with or met, who has given you the most memorable advice?

G:Um...who's given me the most memorable, that's a good question. know, if it's everybody in my life, it would be my mother. And it was actually when that transition from law to acting. It was big deal family had for years thought I was gonna be a lawyer. And she just wrote me this beautiful note when I suddenly moved down to London and knew everybody was very disappointed and she wrote me this note that just said "No matter what you do, no matter where you end up, I'll always be proud of you". And it's not just a piece of advise, it wasn't just a note saying, it just made me realize that as long as you do, you follow your truth, then you can't do any wrong. Whether it works out or not, who's to say what is success and what is not. As long as you follow your truth and you're brave or...even if you're not brave, even if you're too scarred, that' ok. Everything is ok. I can't remember who told me this but was somebody who apparently was dying and he was on his deathbed. And he said, "If only if I had known that everything was gonna be ok. All that worry and all the anxiety and it's true because everything is ok. It's know, nothing means anything until it goes up to our brains. And then make it a problem. Everything until then it's just information. So, it was always good for me to remind myself of that. Cause I go, "No! How come! How dare they!" so who cares.

+ So, finally, this show called "Cinema Voice" will end after 7 years of broadcasting.


+ It will be great if you can give a message for the viewers.

G:Am I the last guest?

+ Yeah.

G:No! Not the last guest! I'll be the last guest on the show?

+ So, finally, this show called "Cinema Voice" will end after 7 years of broadcasting.


+ Really? Wow...

G: (To the camera) Hi, WOWOW viewers! I'm Gerard Butler and um...I hope you've enjoyed the last 7 years of watching Cinema Voice. I'm very honored to be the last guest to introduce a movie. Also very sad. I'm just been informed this and I think it's very sad. (sniffs) Anyway, My movie is "P.S. I love you". And I hope you'll enjoy it and I hope you had a great 7 years.


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