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Butler’s role packs One Two punch (Blog)

Category: RockNRolla News
Article Date: October 31, 2008 | Publication: Boston Herald | Author: Stephen Schaefer
Source: Boston Herald

Posted by: DaisyMay

Fans of Gerald Butler, famous as the doomed warrior king in “300,” get to hear the actor’s real accent in “RocknRolla.”

Butler, 38, plays One Two in Guy Ritchie’s latest gangster escapade, and he was initially set on a London accent. “It would’ve been quite laughable. But Guy said, ‘No. I want you to do Scottish’ because he liked the idea.”

“For me,” Butler continued in an interview at Toronto’s Royal York hotel, “it was a nice break because I’ve been doing way too many American and crappy Irish accents. It was nice to be able to just be myself in that respect.”

It was also nice for the red-hot actor to choose a low-budget project.

“It’s never been my thing to just jump on the back of something. I think that’s how you shorten your career,” he said.

Butler shrugged, “To do another one just like ‘300’, I think that I would drive myself crazy. Which is maybe why I went off and did ‘Nim’s Island’ and ‘P.S. I love You’ and a ‘RocknRolla.’ I was going, ‘Don’t even think about that.’ ”

And “RocknRolla offers a view of gangsters that’s uniquely Ritchie’s.

“We’ve seen so many years of gangster movies where you have these stereotypes. If you’re a gangster you’re tough, you’re hard. So what’s funny is to actually think, ‘Oh, maybe they don’t get it right. Maybe they’re insecure. Maybe they forgot their keys. Maybe their friend is gay.’ It’s the silly and ridiculous things that you don’t think about that actually makes it more human,” said Butler.


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