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Aniston and Butler Choice Casting (Blog)

Category: Bounty Hunter News
Article Date: December 9, 2008 | Publication: Screenhead | Author: Staff
Source: Screenhead

Posted by: DaisyMay

Whoever worked out the casting of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler for the upcoming Columbia project about a bounty hunter who is hired to retrieve his ex-wife, who skipped bail, is one smart producer.

Right now, I canít think of any better comedic casting. If you watch the trailers for The Ugly Truth and Marley & Me, which stars Butler and Aniston, respectively, you will be inclined to agree with me that these two actors will create a laughable harmony - if such flair is possible in the script and direction.

Hitch director Andy Tennant is set to direct the comedy.

The studio is hoping for a May start date.


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