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Viewer Reviews from Atom Films

Category: Please! Reviews
Article Date: January 1, 2000 | Publication: | Author: viewers

Posted by: admin

(Some of the comments by users of Atomfilms.

11/19/00 - I'd like to thank the brilliant writer/director/producer, Paul black for painting my fears from sympathetic ears. This was bloody awesome.

9/30/00 - This really grabbed me. The end is so really pulls at me.

8/24/00 -Stunning ending. Just when I thought sweet, sentimental finish, it yanked me right out of my seat.

8/10/00 -Wow. I usually feel removed when I'm watching these, aware that I am watching the film. Not this one - here I was just drawn in and I almost forgot I was watching a movie. Great story and good till the end!

7/27/00 - This short is intense and throws the viewer for a loop. Good dialogue and a nice change of pace.

7/24/00 -An outstanding movie...better than alot of the full-length films I've seen in seen in the cinema. Very moving. To Mr. Black: I enjoyed your production. Keep up your outstanding work!


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