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'Citizen' arrives

Category: Law Abiding Citizen News
Article Date: January 11, 2009 | Publication: Philadalipha Inquirier | Author: MIchael Klein
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted by: admin

The psychological thriller Law Abiding Citizen is due to go before the cameras Jan. 21 - shooting all over the region - and stars Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler arrived last week for rehearsals under director F. Gary Gray. The three had lunch Thursday at Parc on Rittenhouse Square, and Foxx worked it off that night on the basketball court at the Sporting Club in the Bellevue.

LAC has been a drama. Director Frank Darabont was attached to it - even wrote a draft of the script - but dropped out in October. Recently, the roles of Foxx and Butler were flipped, so now Foxx plays the district attorney who sets up a plea bargain that frees the killers of a man's family, prompting the aggrieved man (Butler) to seek personal justice from the DA. Also cast: Michael Gambon (Gosford Park, Harry Potter), Leslie Bibb (Will Ferrell's wife in Talladega Nights), and Colm Meaney (Miles O'Brien in Star Trek). Contrary to rumors, Catherine Zeta-Jones is not on board, my set insiders say.


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