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Nutter Gives Jamie Foxx Liberty Bell, Hijinks Ensue

Category: Law Abiding Citizen News
Article Date: January 23, 2009 | Publication: PhillyClout | Author: Catherine Lucey

Posted by: admin

Mayor Nutter just formally welcomed Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler and other cast members of "Law Abiding Citizen" -- currently shooting in Philly -- to the city. During a brief ceremony in City Hall, Nutter presented them with a miniature liberty bell replica as starry-eyed city workers applauded.

"It's a tremendous honor to have the gentleman who will portray me in a movie which will be filmed later," Nutter joked.

Foxx, who won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Ray Charles in the film "Ray," responded with an impression of Nutter that brought the house down.

"I'm ready to play you brother, so go all the way to the top," Foxx said. Foxx then added that if anyone sees him out in the clubs, he was "doing some research."

Ladies in the audience swooned over Butler, who played a bare chested Spartan warrior in "300" and wooed his wife from beyond the grave in the weepy "P.S. I Love You." He waxed poetic about Philadelphia's beauty and charm, before saying that he was constantly paired with Oscar winning stars like Foxx.

"This is my Oscar speech," Butler said, holding up the bell to applause.


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