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Colorful gangsters fuel rollicking 'RocknRolla'

Category: RocknRolla Reviews
Article Date: January 26, 2009 | Publication: Visalia Times Delta | Author: Editor

Posted by: stagewomanjen

Some critics dismissed Guy Ritchie’s “Rocknrolla” (four stars) as a retread, a move covering the same ground he explored in his first two hit films, “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch.” The proper answer to that charge: “So what?”

That’s because “Rocknrolla” is fabulously entertaining — a potent mix of smart dialogue, laugh-out-loud moments and explosive violence. Like his earlier two films, “Rocknrolla” is set in the flamboyant world of London gangsters, low-life druggies and various hangers-on.

Ritchie films it all with high style and wit, filling the screen with clever visual jokes and flashy camera work. You’ve got to love a movie in which a gangster watches “The Remains of the Day” on his SUV’s entertainment system.

To reveal too much of the plot of “Rocknrolla” would be a disservice. That plot revolves around crooked real estate deals and a gangster named Lenny (Tom Wilkinson) and his various schemes. Along the way we meet a Russian billionaire (Karel Roden), crooked accountants (Thandie Newton), a strung-out rock star (Toby Kebbell) and a bunch of low-level thieves with colorful names led by One-Two (Gerard Butler) and Mumbles (Idris Elba).

Extras on a two-disc DVD set and the Blu-ray release include Ritchie commentary. The movie also comes in a bare-bones single-disc DVD.

Three stars


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