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RockNRolla DVD Review (blog)

Category: RocknRolla Reviews
Article Date: January 27, 2009 | Publication: | Author: Matthew Jaques

Posted by: stagewomanjen

I won’t start this review with any pretense that I’m familiar with Guy Ritchie, because I’m not. RockNRolla is the first film by him that I’ve seen. However, the British film scene tends to pump out some of the better, more enjoyable flicks (a la Christopher Nolan), which gives RockNRolla a running start from the play button.

To describe RockNRolla’s plot without spoiling anything is a difficult challenge. At the center of the multiple and complex storylines that interweave constantly, There is a strained business relationship occurring between Lenny Cole, a self-proclaimed “old-school” gang lord who essentially runs London, and Uri Omovich, a fresh-to-England Russian. Also involved in the subsequent events are Lenny’s personal assistant Archie, a gang called the Wild Bunch, Uri’s attractive accountant Stella, and Lenny’s estranged, crack-addicted stepson Johnny.

This movie as a whole is really not meant for those who shun deep thinking. There’s so much going at once that it can be difficult to remember all the characters, their problems, their relationships, and their motivations. On the bright side, this is remedied by the excellent script, which almost always manages to entertain within the immediate moment.

Of course, even a good script can be ruined by poor acting, but RockNRolla avoids this pitfall as well. Almost everyone here lands their roles succinctly, Tom Wilkinson and Toby Kebbell especially. The only complain I can scrape up is that Karel Roden as Uri seems a tad out of it, but I’m nitpicking at this point.

The cinematography in here is excellent as well. The camera manages to help move some scenes along quite nicely. In particular, the sex scene late in the movie is so awesome, this movie is recommended a watch just for that brief ten-second period. It almost seems like the sex scene was inspired by the quick flashes from Shaun of the Dead.

In closing, RockNRolla is a quirky, fun romp through a seedy and stylistically violent side of London. A solid cast and script brought down only by a few rushed plot elements late in the story, RockNRolla is a worthy addition to your DVD collection if you like crime dramas at all. By Spill’s rating, I would give it a very high matinee.


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