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Article Date: July 11, 2004 | Publication: Sunday Mail | Author: BRUCE WALKER

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JAMES BOND star Pierce Brosnan is to be pensioned off.

Producers want the next film about the suave superspy to be in the mould of an old- fashioned 007 movie instead of a hi-tech blockbuster.

And they have decided they need someone younger to play the part.

At 51, Pierce is seen as too old to play the licensed-to-kill smoothie and Van Helsing star Hugh Jackman, 35, is favourite to become the new Bond.

Scots actors Ewan McGregor and Gerard Butler have also been tipped for the spy role.

The move to ditch Brosnan comes after writers Andrew Neal and Robert Wade patched up their differences with producer Barbara Broccoli.

A source said: 'Without all the special effects, the film will work best with a young, fresh actor.

'Andrew and Robert have at last persuaded everyone at the production company Eon that a traditional Bond is the way forward. So now it looks as if Brosnan's services won't be required.'

The Irish actor has played the part of 007 in the past four films - and was desperate to star in the 21st Bond movie.

Brosnan is credited with having breathed new life into the franchise since he first appeared as 007 in GoldenEye in 1995.

Although his contract had ended, he was hopeful of getting one last shot at pulling on his black dinner jacket and bow tie.

However, the source added: 'Apparently, he was demanding a Tom-Cruise-level pay cheque but I don't think he's quite in that league.'

Producers could have a rebellion on their hands if Pierce is given the bullet after Samantha Bond, who plays sexy Miss Moneypenny, warned she would quit if he is not given the role again.

She joined Dame Judi Dench, who stars as M, in declaring her support for the actor.

Last night, nobody from Eon Productions was available for comment.

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