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Official Trailer For Watchmen: Tales of The Black Freighter (Blog)

Category: Watchmen/Tales of the Black Freighter News
Article Date: February 14, 2009 | Publication: Screen Rant | Author: Kofi Outlaw
Source: Screen Rant

Posted by: DaisyMay

A couple of weeks ago we brought you extensive details on Tales of The Black Freighter, Watchmen’s movie-within-a-movie. Director Zack Snyder has done a bang-up job making sure that all Watchmen tie-in projects like Black Freighter or The Hollis Mason documentary Under The Hood are just as awesome as theatrical film is going to be.

Well now you can judge the finished product for yourself. Screen Rant is proud to present the official trailer for Tales of The Black Freighter.

NOTE: Click on the above link to view trailer at Screen Rant.

Wow, looks pretty Intense. I dig the animation style of the film–it reminds me of the Spawn animated series from the late 90’s (loved that show). I’m also digging the voice work by Gerard Butler–he sounds like he really put effort into nailing this character. You can practically see the madness in the marooned sailor’s eyes and hear the crazy in his voice. I’m betting this film is going to be pretty gruesome, just like the comic. Awesome.

Now, like many of you out there, I told myself that I would be resolute–that I would wait for the director’s cut of Watchmen to hit Blu-ray/DVD with Tales of The Black Freighter and Under The Hood interwoven with the main plot as writing god Alan Moore intended. But now… I don’t know, man… I don’t know… This film is looking too good to wait for. I might have to check it out.

How about you? Are you going to wait for the extended cut of Watchmen before you check out Tales of The Black Freighter? Or will you be pouncing on Tales of The Black Freighter as soon as it hits Blu-ray/DVD on March 24, 2009.


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