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Fashion Week Update (Blog)

Category: Misc./General Career News
Article Date: February 18, 2009 | Publication: InStyle | Author: Bronwyn Barnes
Source: InStyle

Posted by: DaisyMay

Ideally, I'd return home each night in time to make a cup of tea, sit down with my laptop and write a full report of the day's activities. But the reality is I'm usually racing out the door by 8 am and returning in the wee hours, with just enough time to write up my front row interviews with celebrities and file my reporting for InStyle's amazing Fashion Week coverage before I hit the wall. Luckily, I've been Twittering the week's events. (Follow Partyhopper on Twitter and you'll get my play-by-play Tweets from the tents!) Here's a look at some highlights from the week so far.

The runway view from behind Paris Hilton and Jessica Stroup at Jill Stuart.

The fabulous ladies at Alison Brod PR make sure I'm well taken care of. And while I usually don't even claim my seat at most shows I do at Jill Stuart, where I'm always right behind the biggest celebrities. On Monday, that meant getting a little too close to the frenzy surrounding Paris Hilton, who set off a near-riot among the photographers when she breezed in to the New York Public Library. Flashbulbs were popping, people were yelling and Michelle Trachtenberg had to physically prevent one lensman from trampling a little girl. The only person unfazed by all the chaos around Paris Hilton? Paris Hilton, who chatted away on her BlackBerry like she was the only person in the room. Oh and the collection--an incredible mix of leather leggings, velvet platforms and girly dresses. The verdict: best show ever!

Rachel Zoe, Matthew Williamson and Lindsay Lohan strike a pose at the opening of Williamson's first US store.

On Sunday, I hit the opening of British designer Matthew Williamson's first U.S. store, where Lindsay Lohan caused a little commotion of her own. "We were walking through the lobby of the Bowery Hotel tonight and I could tell that this dress really stood out," said Lindsay, who changed from the eye-catching sequined mini into a more demure peach strapless dress with jewel-embellished pockets. While Lindsay hung with us in the "disco room," Heidi Klum fielded a battery of questions about the fate of Project Runway. "We're having our show on Friday," Klum said, referring to the Project Runway finale that's one of the hottest tickets at the tents.

Gerard Butler (left) watches the models at William Rast.

At Justin Timberlake's William Rast show, all eyes were on Jessica Biel, who sipped a glass of rose and chatted with Emile Hirsch while waiting for the show to start. Make that all eyes except mine--I was too busy watching Gerard Butler (that's him in the lower left corner of the photo, I swear) who sang along to a cover of the Stones' "Gimme Shelter," chatted with the little girl sitting next to him and, of course, studied the models during the show. Later, as I made my way out of Bryant Park and on to the next event, I saw Butler chatting with fans, shaking hands and even posing for pictures with a few kids. If I'd seen him kiss a baby, I'd be working on getting him elected to public office. Butler for President!--

Bronwyn Barnes

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