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Better than Nothing

Category: The Ugly Truth News
Article Date: February 26, 2009 | Publication: The Sacramento Bee | Author: Bob Shalit
Source: The Sacramento Bee

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Better than nothing

It wasn't much of an economic boost, but a Hollywood camera crew was in Sacramento last summer, capturing local footage that included J Street shops, the Capitol and an aerial view of the city.

Those images will be included in "The Ugly Truth," a romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl set for release in the next several months. The film has Heigl playing a Sacramento TV news producer who does battle with the station's new male anchor.

All of the acting scenes were shot in L.A. Which disappoints Sacramento film commissioner Lucy Steffens. Budget constraints – and Heigl's scheduling commitments with TV's "Grey's Anatomy" – kept the production mostly in Southern California, says Steffens. But after three days of shooting here, she notes, "at least we'll get some nice images from Sacramento."


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