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Foxx hurt in hoops action

Category: Law Abiding Citizen News
Article Date: February 26, 2009 | Publication: Philadelphia Daily News | Author: Dan Gross

Posted by: admin

JAMIE FOXX injured his leg Tuesday night playing basketball at the Sporting Club at the Bellevue. Foxx was playing ball with a group of guys when he got hurt, and limped off the court. Eyewitnesses say Foxx, in town shooting "Law Abiding Citizen," was good-natured about it and didn't complain to anyone about the injury. The club asked him if he wanted to be seen by a medic, but he declined and was treated by his own trainer.

Meanwhile, fellow hoopsters teased that director F. Gary Gray, also a regular on the Sporting Club's basketball court, might have to work the injury into the picture. The film's shoot yesterday at Holmesburg Prison was cut short because Foxx was in pain. He was seen at one point hobbling on crutches. A call for comment to the film's publicist was not returned last night.

* About the same time Foxx was hurt, his co-star, Gerard Butler, was working out around the corner at Bally's (15th & Walnut), where he ran on a treadmill and lifted weights, as first reported on


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