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Inqlings: 'Standing O' for an impresario (Blog)

Category: Law Abiding Citizen News
Article Date: March 10, 2009 | Publication: Philadelphia Inquirer | Author: Michael Klein
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

Posted by: DaisyMay


A role as an extra on Law Abiding Citizen, the currently shooting Jamie Foxx-Gerard Butler movie, sold for $1,300 last week as part of CityStyle, a benefit for the Gershman Y. Greater Philadelphia Film Office head Sharon Pinkenson worked the gavel. Buyer Juliet Spitzer is a singer-songwriter and a board member of Theatre Ariel; her scene will be shot this month in a graveyard.

CN8 alumna Connie Colla portrays a TV reporter in Law Abiding Citizen. "They put me in the highest, sexiest suede boots I've ever worn," Colla reports, quipping: "Standard wear for a prison live shot." Captive audience, for sure.



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