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Tales of the Black Freighter (Watchmen) (Blog)

Category: Watchmen/Tales of the Black Freighter News
Article Date: March 17, 2009 | Publication: The World of iMike | Author: IMike
Source: The World of Mike

Posted by: DaisyMay

The important missing peace from the theatrical version of Zack Snyder's Watchmen is here but, does it live up to the classic horror story that was in the graphic novel? I say yes! As Darth Vader would say; "Most impressive". I watched it twice not because I needed to compare it panel by panel. I re-watched it because it was fascinating. Brilliant! Exactly how this is going to be inserted into the director's cut we are promised I do not know. I wonder if Zack Snyder shot the scenes of the boy reading this comic-within-a-comic while sitting next to the news stand. If so, the extended cut should be a real treat.

Tales of the Black Freighter is about a sea captain and his crew being attacked by the Black Freighter, a ship of evil pirates. The sea captain survives but his crew doesn't. He eventually washes up on the shore of an island along with the remains of his crew mates. He decides he must get back to his home port to his family before the Black Freighter does. Using the gas bloated corpses of his fallen comrades, he builds a raft and sets off but not before going mad. I'll stop there and leave it for the people who haven't read Watchmen or who haven't seen this. It is a dark story but brilliant. Tales of the Black Freighter's story paralells Watchmen perfectly, there's that tiny line between being a good guy and being evil that you can cross to do whatever it takes. I believe this animated version of the 'Black Freighter' is better than that in the graphic novel. Yes... That's a bold statement.

The 20-minute cartoon features the voice of Gerard Butler (sea captain/narrator). Zack Snyder casted Butler as King Leonidas in 300 in case you didn't know. Butler has a great voice and does an absolutely amazing job here. I remember a time when Gerard Butler was rumored to play the Comedian in Watchmen but his schedule prevented it. Not sure how true that is but interesting nonetheless. The animation, while not on par with say Disney, is wicked. It isn't totally lifelike but it actually kind of reminded me of the art style Disney used for their Tarzan animated movie. Even the music is top notch. Overall I highly recommend this, especially for fans of the Watchmen movie. There's also another feature that comes along with Tales of the Black Freighter. It's filmed documentary style and is called Under the Hood which is based on the biography of the original Night Owl Hollis Mason in the graphic novel. I haven't watched this yet but I will!


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