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All right, I admit it: I am a naughty boy

Category: Misc./General Career News
Article Date: March 18, 2009 | Publication: Life and Style | Author: Staff
Source: Life and Style

Posted by: DaisyMay

Hamburg (ots) - for the camera Gerard Butler gives everything he's got - he even strips on request. But in the exclusive interview with Life&Style he also reveals a very sensitive side. In his films you can see the actor sometimes thoughtful, sometimes with tears in his eyes. "These tears a real. A story like 'Dear Frankie' can make me uncontrollably melancholic. I dissolve into bittersweet sadness...", Gerard Butler confesses in Life&Style.

In his films the actor often shows a lot of skin. Likewise in his new film "Rock'n'Rolla". But: "If I could keep my clothes I'd gladly do so. Unfortunately it was in the script...", the actor explaines. He says that there is nothing less sexy then seeing himself on the sceen - naked. "Sometimes people say: 'That was really sexy.' Then I ask myself: Are those people blind?"

But he also has some little obscene vain. "I'm quite a naughty boy. That's why I fit into the filmteam of 'Rock'nRolla' (...). We are always making a lot of dirty jokes when shooting”, Butler says.

But the 39 year old actor can also be very sensitive. “Success makes you happy – but not in the way love or a great relationship does.”

He is certain: with a solid relationship, which requires time and effort, he would have never gotten so far. “I’ve always been as free as a bird. And work always came first.

Many thanks to Marion and Kerstin for the above translation.

“All right, I admit it: I am a naughty boy”

Sex symbol Gerard Butler (39) gives it all and even strips if requested! But he hides a sensitive soul inside him that sheds some genuine tears once in a while…

L & S: In your latest movie ‘RnR’ you show a lot of skin, as you did in ‘300’. In ‘PS I love you’ you even strip! Has it become a ritual you’ve become fond of?
GB (bursts out in laughter): Trust me, if I can keep my clothes on in a movie I’d rather do that. Unfortunately it’s mentioned in the scripts. So, if I have to do a striptease, at least it should look good.

L & S: How do your friends react to those scenes?
G: Sometimes I actually hear: “That was kind of sexy.” I don’t hear that often but it happens (laughs)! It’s then when I ask myself whether people are blind?! There’s nothing I find less sexy then to watch myself naked on the silver screen

L & S: Oh, come on, don’t you have any naughty tendencies?
G: All right, I admit it: I am a naughty boy, which is the reason I fitted so well in the team of the movie ‘RnR’. We were a whole bunch of naughty boys! During the shooting we were constantly telling dirty jokes.

L & S: While you are usually a good boy – you are supposed to have a great talent for interior arrangements…
G: That’s right! I’ve just renovated my flat in New York, was responsible for the interior design and did it all by myself.

L & S: If a man renovates, there’s usually a woman involved, is it not?
G: Not with me it isn’t! I get lots of compliments for my decos. It seems like nobody thinks me capable of it. But I really disappoint when it comes to the art of cooking.

L & S: How would you describe your style?
G: Easy - Bare walls and great furniture!

L & S: That sounds like a secondary career with potential…
G: I don’t think so but at least I could hide in a beautiful flat if nobody wants to see me anymore.

L & S: You’ll be 40 soon. Don’t you sit in your beautiful flat once in a while and imagine a family to go with?
G: I’d really love to have children but I won’t be the only 40-year-old that doesn’t have kids. With a steady relationship that needs time and work, I probably wouldn’t have come this far. I’ve always been free as a bird and work had always been my first priority.

L & S: But does a career really make you happy?
G: Success makes me happy but not as much as love and a great relationship. Probably I’d be happier with a family. Sometimes I do miss the comfort and emotional security!

L & S: You sound quite emotional right now – in your movies one often sees you with tears in your eyes…
G: Those are real tears. A story like ‘Dear Frankie’ can make me uncontrollably melancholic. I literally dissolve into a bitter-sweet sadness…

L & S: How must a woman look for you to fall uncontrollably in love with her?
G: I don’t have any preferences or ideals, really. My problem is that I love all women: each in her way!

L & S: Have you ever fallen in love with a woman who wanted absolutely nothing to do with you?
G: Oh, yeah. When I was younger I wasn’t too successful with women, the opposite really! But that has always been my biggest problem: The bigger the challenge, the more I want the woman. As soon as she wants me, I don’t want her anymore (laughs). Isn’t that awful?”

Gerard couldn’t be without:… his Scotland: “You stand there in the mountains and feel the history! And the people are warm and have a great sense of humour.”
…his pug: “I adopted Lolita in spring 2006. Isn’t she cute?”
… Celtic Glasgow: “That’s my soccer team! I go and watch them in the stadium as often as I can.”
…London: “I really like London a lot, especially the trendy Notting Hill.”
… mum Margaret: “My mum often accompanies me to movie premieres. She can’t wait for me to finally wear a Scottish kilt!”

In his new movie ‘RnR he plays a tough guy. In real life he’s totally different: “I am a true romantic with all my heart.”

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