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Category: RockNRolla News
Article Date: March 29, 2009 | Publication: Empire Online | Author: Staff
Source: Empire Online

Posted by: DaisyMay



Dara: The British film industry is riding the crest of a wave: 11 Oscars, and you've STILL padded out this category with two films I regard as Irish. Here to present is an actor who I've also incorrectly, regarded as Irish because of her performance in The Magdalene Sisters: Anne-Marie Duff.

(The two dance to her intro music.)

Dara: That entire family makes me feel great. (referring to Duff's husband James McAvoy, fact fans)

Duff: Sure he's out of the room, we might as well And the nominees are....

AND THE WINNER IS...ROCKNROLLA (If it was up to me," says Duff, "I know who'd get the prize. The winner is the very British RocknRolla)

Guy Ritchie: Thank you very much. I won't say much more because Gerry Butler is the eloquent one among us. But thank you very much for this.

Gerry: This was supposed to be Guy speaking but as usual he dumped it on me. Listen, I want to thank Guy who really wrote all the words and directed all the stuff and did a great job and it's about time he got SOMETHING right...

Guy: That's quite enough out of you Gerry.

Mark Strong; It's great that people who know about movies and love movies decided to vote this Best british Film, thank you very much.



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