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"Tales of the Black Freighter" is the perfect companion for "Watchmen"

Category: Watchmen Reviews
Article Date: April 14, 2009 | Publication: Honolulu Film Examiner | Author: Kamuela Kaneshiro

Posted by: stagewomanjen

Rating 5 out of 5!

By now most people have discovered that Watchmen is based off a comic book by the same name. However most do not know that there was a comic book within the Watchmen storyline and that comic book is Tales of the Black Freighter.

Tales of the Black Freighter is a direct to DVD animated short about a captain (voiced by Gerard Butler) who loses his crew and ship to the Black Freighter. The now marooned captain races desperately to reach his hometown before the Black Freighter in order to save his town and beloved family from the dreaded Black Freighter.
Gerard Butler does an incredible job with his voicing of the captain. I loved this story in the Watchmen comic and just when I thought the story was perfect, the creators of the animated short made a few additions that now make this story a masterpiece. Tales of the Black Freighter is an incredible work of art that matches the great works of Edgar Allan Poe.

To my delight I discovered that Warner Brothers are planning to release a special edition of Watchmen with Tales of the Black Freighter inter-cut with the film as it was in the comic book. My only complaint with Tales of the Black Freighter is that it is only 26 minutes, but it is 26 minutes of macabre magic.

The DVD includes Under the Hood which was good, but Tales of the Black Freighter really stole the show.


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