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Category: Watchmen/Tales of the Black Freighter News
Article Date: April 16, 2009 | Publication: Movie Hunger | Author: cmaher
Source: Movie Hunger

Posted by: DaisyMay

The latest movie news for Gerard Butler may have Black Freighter fans disappointed. Gerard Butler has done the voice for the Sea Captain in The Black Freighter. The mariner survives an attack from the dreaded pirates of the Black Freighter, he gets home to warn them but at what cost?

The 30 minute animated adaptation from Zack Snyder is a gory comic within the Watchmen story. Now why would fans be disappointed with Gerard Butler and Zack Snyder? Well everyone loves a back-story on their favorite characters but I doubt that 30 minutes will be enough for fans.

My question to people who have seen Watchmen, do you think that Gerard Butler should have had a role in the action movie release? Since the movie of 300, Zack Snyder has been chummy with Gerard Butler and well Watchmen is another action movie. The movie rumor is that if there was a place for Butler that he would be in the film.

Just wanted to spend some time this moment getting your views on Gerard Butler. My husband and I were discussing Gerard Butler as an actor this morning and both agree that he is one of our favorites. I don’t know about a role in Watchmen though.

I think that the casting director did a great job with Watchman and I don’t think I could see Gerard Butler putting on a superhero costume. At least not one for a live action movie, voice over character maybe.


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