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2009 Summer Movies (Blog)

Category: The Ugly Truth News
Article Date: April 26, 2009 | Publication: Chris The Critic | Author: Chris Jacobsen
Source: Chris The Critic

Posted by: DaisyMay

Some famous critic once said something like, 'Springtime at the theatre is where bad movies go to die.' This is certainly true for this year, as it is for most years: our spring films have been mixed with mediocre comedies, lame action pics, and a few weird animated films for kids. Nothing has been truly great and worth seeing.
Well, all that changes on May 1. Thus starts the summer with the opening of the first big film of the season, the Wolverine prequel. Everything from there is big popcorn movies and lots of fun. Not all of the movies will be good, but this is theT time of year when people go to the movies, regardless of their tastes. Here is an analysis of what to see this summer, week-by-week.


Friday, July 24
The Ugly Truth

Not much opening this week. This romantic comedy is the best pick, starring Gerard Butler as a sexist jerk put on a dating TV show to boost ratings, and Katherine Heigl as the show's unapproving producer. They hate each other at first; something tells me they'll end up falling in love.



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