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Must Watch: Explosive Trailer for Gerard Butler's Gamer! (Blog)

Category: Gamer News
Article Date: May 10, 2009 | Publication: First | Author: Alex Billington
Source: First

Posted by: DaisyMay

Over the weekend, Lionsgate debuted the trailer for Gamer, the next movie from Crank creators Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. Even though this was actually shot before Crank: High Voltage, it's coming out much later. The trailer was originally launched on Xbox Live, which is why this version isn't the highest quality, but it's the best we could get. Even though I've seen this already and don't think it's as great as it looks, this trailer is a must watch because everything about it is pretty much perfect. I love the music, I love all the action, they really figured out how to market this well, and it even makes me excited again.


Set in a future-world where humans can control other humans in mass-scale, multi-player online gaming environments, a star player named Kable (Gerard Butler) from a game called "Slayers" looks to regain his freedom and escape the prison while taking down the game's twisted mastermind (Michael C. Hall).

Gamer is both written and directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the two crazy filmmakers behind Crank and the upcoming Crank: High Voltage. This was produced by Lakeshore Entertainment and is being distributed by Lionsgate. Game is tentatively set for release via Lionsgate on September 4th this year.


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