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Gerard Butler Describes Gamer as Violent and Beautiful

Category: Gamer News
Article Date: July 17, 2009 | Publication: ScreenCrave | Author: Mali Elfman
Source: ScreenCrave

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With all the summer blockbusters hitting theaters there hasn’t been much buzz for director Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s upcoming sci-fi thriller, Gamer starring Gerard Butler, but it sounds like this may be the thriller we’ve been looking for all summer. In a press conference today for The Ugly Truth, Butler revealed some new information about the film including that it’s the perfect combination of violence and art, much like the film he did before with Zack Snyder, 300. Butler states that Gamer “makes 300 look like a picnic in terms of the violence” but then adds that it’s some of an arthouse film and “a beautifully painted dark world.”

Sounds to be like “1984″ meets 300. Could it be that good? Check out Butler said below….

First he talks a little bit more about the plot of the film…

Gerard Butler: Gamer is an action thriller, set just 10-15 years in the future, and is probably based on the idea of a world of Galdiators. Where there’s a world of Gamers which has now taken on a global dimension, and then the avatars that they play, now through a more organic process and nano-technology and all that, can control humans within the game. So, I play a prisoner on death row in a game called “Slayers” who has almost made it to the end, who will be the first ever person to do that.

There’s kind of three different worlds, there’s the world of society which is kind of a second life, where people can go into that world and play out their fantasies. And then., of course, as for the norm for reality television and paper-view it always has to go a step further. So now, we moved on to a kind of Halo,World of Warcraft type of thing. Where it’s like, you know what, we don’t even need war anymore let’s just watch it every night on television, let’s just watch people blow the shit out of each other.

It’s kind of fun for gamers, but at the same time it’s a bit of a comment on the lowering standards that we have in society with the onslaught of technology and (fart noises.)

We basically knew most of that already. When it gets really interesting is when Katherine Heigl starts asking him questions.

Katherine Heigl: Sounds awesome…

Gerard Butler: It’s very entertaining!

Katherine Heigl: When’s it come out?

Gerard Butler: September the something!

Just to give him a hand it’s September 4th. Now we get to the good stuff….

Katherine Heigl: Is it depressing though?

Gerard Butler: It’s not. It’s actually a really fun and entertaining film. Again, it won’t be for every woman, but I know a lot of women who have seen it and loved it cause it’s got a lot of guy juice you know, it’s got that 300 thing going on, and a lot of women, liked 300 for certain reasons. But at the same time it makes 300 look like a picnic in terms of the violence. But you know, it’s also in a way an arthouse action movie because it’s surprisingly brave in the way it tries to paint the world and doesn’t stop at anything. There’s no short cuts here. It’s a beautifully painted dark world that we’ve got into. And I don’t think anyone has seen anything like that before.

Sounds like we have a lot to be excited for


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