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Gerard Butler Represents Men In 'The Ugly Truth' (Blog)

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Article Date: July 20, 2009 | Publication: Starpulse | Author: Fred Topel
Source: Starpulse

Posted by: DaisyMay

Who better to represent men in the chick flick genre than the badass of 300, Gerard Butler? In The Ugly Truth, he plays a relationship guru forcing women to face the harsh realities of how men think. Butler keeps speaking on his gender's behalf as he does press for the romantic comedy.

"I think this is the first movie that really brings it up and strikes to the heart if it, how guys really think," Butler said. "I swear, I know I'm going out on a limb here and ending my career, but it's almost impossible for a guy to go, 'You know what? There are times when I just turn around and look at an ass.' We do that stuff. Now, we are much more complicated that than as well, and at the end of the day that's what is beautiful and where the redemption is in the movie. We all, at the end of the day, through our games and our weaknesses and our flaws, are after the same thing. We all want a partner, we all want companionship and we're all beautiful and we're all over the place. It comes together really well."

The battle of the sexes has been fodder for rom-coms throughout the ages. Butler expects this one to be more controversial. "I think that the battle of the sexes is the battle of the audiences in this movie. It's so great because it really expounds both values. I think when this stuff is thrown out there it's so shocking and unexpected. The guys are like, 'Oh, thank God somebody said that.' And the women are like 'You know what? I knew it! I bloody well knew it!' That's why it's a huge relief that this stuff is put out there. But it's great the way we play with it here."

Perhaps women should be taking notes too. For example, when Butler's character teaches a woman (Katherine Heigl) to play it cool and keep her dreamboat waiting, it does actually make him more interested.

"Listen, this is why it's called The Ugly Truth. There is an element of truth in that the second that you think the girl is maybe not quite as keen, there is a little more 'Okay…' Sometimes when its there right in front of you it's not as interesting. Is that right?"

Also, Butler is not alone in his or his character's opinions. His costar and director nodded agreement, but remained quiet verbally. "Okay, please point out that they nodded when I said that," Butler begged.

The Ugly Truth opens Friday.


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