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Review: The Ugly Truth starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler

Category: The Ugly Truth Reviews
Article Date: July 22, 2009 | Publication: | Author: Alfredo Flores

Posted by: stagewomanjen

This summer it seems plots are nuisances in the way to achieving the basic goals of movies—get desired demographic and perhaps a few cheap laughs while at it. In Transformers 2 audiences eyes may have been burning through the fast-paced blur-fest action sequences that made up for laughable (not in a good way) plot. In the new Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler romantic comedy / date / chic flic (I’m guessing this is how it’ll be marketed based on the prodeminantly couples and single women-dominated line at the sneak preview in Chinatown D.C.) the plot was just waaay to easy to predict. It's as if there was a color-within-the-lines rom com script writing computer program.

No spoiler alert here. Chauvinist Neanderthal guy, who’s jaded and mean towards the fairer sex because he’s had his heart broken, becomes nice once he finds the right gal that’ll make him fall in love as if for the first time. Stuck-up, career-oriented, cat-owning gal learns to loosen up after meeting a man who spices up her life. How these two ever met in a place like Sacramento working for the same morning TV program, who knows?

A few more questions? Why does player boy Mike (Gerard Butler) still use a land line in 2009? Why does Abby (Katherine Heigl) put on vibrating panties, much less keep them on when answering the door? How did jello wrestling become the de facto sure tell sign that a guy really is a pig?

When looking at the R-rating on the movie poster, it was literally a sign of hope. Heigl once called Judd Apatow—he of mastery of R-rated comedies—sexist after filming Knocked Up. But boy do those words come back to bite her in the end, as she yet again a television entertainment-type personality, but sadly this time no raunchy and funny Apatow puns to save her. This time it's just raunch, and very little funny.


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