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Article Date: August 2, 2009 | Publication: | Author: Michael Klein

Posted by: DaisyMay


Movie land

The august Toronto International Film Festival is expected to announce that The Art of the Steal, a documentary about the controversy over the art collection of Albert Barnes, produced by Sheena Joyce and directed by Don Argott, will be screened. Joyce and Argott previously shot Rock School, the documentary on rock educator Paul Green, and Two Days in April, a piece on the NFL draft.

There's a move afoot to get a special Philly screening of Law Abiding Citizen, F. Gary Gray's locally shot drama starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. Its release date, which last week was moved up to Oct. 16, will coincide with the Philadelphia Film Society's so-called 181/2 Philadelphia Film Festival, being curated by Harlan Jacobson.



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