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Director Glen Dufort’s Shooters with Gerard Butler (Blog)

Category: Shooters News
Article Date: August 6, 2009 | Publication: Movie Hunger | Author: cmaher
Source: Movie Hunger

Posted by: DaisyMay

It’s funny to see Gerard Butler in a small role but everyone movie star has to start somewhere. What would you do if you went down town for a deal that kept you away from life for six years? Would you do what Gilly set out to do?

The movie Shooters is a crime drama movie about the people under Gangster Max Bell. Two best friends desperately need to get out of the game for different reasons and will stop at nothing to accomplish what they need to do. If setting up their best friend and everyone connected to him has to be done, then it’s done.

Director Glenn Durfort movie as a whole was interesting. I’m happy to say that this was not a crime drama where the viewer can usually figure out the whole storyline fifteen minutes into the movie. In a whole Adrian Dunbar, Andrew Howard, Louis Dempsey, and Gerard Butler did their roles well.

As always there were some scenes that really were not needed in the movie. I think the director was trying to push how much control Max Bell had over J in this one particular scene. I just don’t think that Max sneaking into J’s house and raping his wife was needed. I already knew that Max Bell was a power hungry low life gangster.

Though the Shooters was narrated through the life of one of the best friends. I have to say that J (Andrew Howard) was the one person that drew the most attention in the movie. If Director Glenn Durfort wanted a coked up gangster who didn’t know which way was north then that’s exactly what he got from actor Andrew Howard.

The other main character actually made no impression at all. No impression to the point that I can’t remember his name just the blank expression on his face. Now I’ve watched movies before that have the strong silent type but they usually have facial expressions that tell part of the story. That was not the case here.

Now Gerard Butler is the only actor I know from this movie that has made it into block buster films. Though Gerard Butler had a small role, I believe that Glenn Durfort was able to pull this role out of our movie star with ease.

Gerard Butler took on the role of Jack Jr. in Shooters. Director Glenn Durfort created this character to be a big Gangster from another city who is very cocky and sure of him.
There’s a line in the movie that Jack Jr. always has to stop and look at himself in the mirror. This is the feeling that I got from Gerard Butler’s character.

So as a whole I did enjoy the movie and a if you want to see Gerard Butler in one of his earliest roles then check out this movie.


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