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Movies - Sept 2009

Category: Gamer News
Article Date: August 25, 2009 | Publication: Star Magazine | Author: Staff
Source: Little Star

Posted by: DaisyMay



We’d be complete hypocrites if we didn’t cover this movie, even though it is rated R for language and violence, so parents be forewarned. Why is it so important? Because it’s a loving homage to video games, a prominent feature in our editorial picks as you know. And because it doesn’t glorify any of the controversial aspects of gaming, rather observes and dissects them, even poking fun at times. The story sees a convicted man sentenced to become a soldier remote controlled by a professional gamer – a bit like Gladiator meets Running Man. The action is superlative and will bring a smile to game lovers all over, plus there’s a real message here – taking charge of your life means knowing what you’re getting yourself into!

Director: Mark Neveldine
Starring: Gerard Butler, Zoe Bell, Michael C. Hall, Kyra Sedgwick
Rating: R



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