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'Law Abiding Citizen' to open Urbanworld

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Article Date: September 2, 2009 | Publication: Variety | Author: ANDREW STEWART
Source: Variety

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Four-day fest to screen 68 films

Helmer F. Gary Gray's thriller "Law Abiding Citizen," starring Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx and Viola Davis, is set to kick off the 13th annual Urbanworld Film Festival held Sept. 23 in New York.

Set in Philadelphia, pic tells the story of a husband (Butler) whose wife and child are murdered. Foxx plays a prosecutor caught in the middle of Butler's grief and revenge.

Along with "Citizen," the four-day fest announced it will screen 68 films, including the Sophie Okonedo-starrer "Skin," Chris Rock's docu "Good Hair" and Maria Govan's "Rain."

Fest's lineup in all categories is available online at


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