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Category: Interviews
Article Date: August 30, 2004 | Publication: Hollywood Reporter | Author: Chris Gardner

Posted by: admin

Gerard Butler is in need of a good travel agaent. The actor has had a busy year, globe-trotting to country after country on a string of mini-vacations but always winding up at his variuos destinations at the wrong time. "This year, I went traveling to Isreal, Argentina, Pataginia, and I think I went to all of those places in the completely wrong season," says Butler by phone in Warsaw, Poland, where it happens to be "pissing down right now, so it feels like winter." "I have a habit of arriving in places where you arent expected to be at times when you arent supposed to be there. I get the travel bug and just go. This year too, I flew to New York, to Italy, to Capri, to Rome and then to Cologne (Germany) because my buddy Til Schweiger is starring in and directing a movie there. And, now I come to Warsaw, to see a couple of buddies." It's almost enough airmiles to make your head spin, but for Butler it is a much deserved extended holiday following a frantic work spree. "Up until January of this year, I had done 5 films back to back and barely had a break in between, " the scotland born Butler explains of his work in "Reign of Fire," "Lara Croft Tomb Raider-The cradle of Life<" "Timeline," "Dear Frankie," and "The Phantom of the Opera the Movie." "But this year, other than doing a lot of singing for "Phantom" and a lot of publicity, I havent done any movies and (have) just been travelling. It's been great not to work and see the world." All good things must come to an end, though, and Butler will get back on the PR train to promote his title role in Warner Bros. Pictures' "Phantom" followed by next years release of "Dear Frankie." "I don't think I'll ever have anoyther experiance like it," he says of the Joel Schumacker-directed "Phantom," which finds him as the new Renee Zellweger-an untrained singer at the center of a big screen musical. "it was beautiful, inspiring, painful and the hardest thing I ever did."


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