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Sci-fi film enjoyed by more than just nerds

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Article Date: September 10, 2009 | Publication: Quaker Campus | Author: Apollonia Galvan
Source: Quaker Campus

Posted by: DaisyMay

Video game junkies and action movie buffs rejoice a movie that all of you can enjoy has finally made its way to the big screen. This film is a must-see if you enjoy massive battle scenes and appreciate an intriguing plot that offers satirical undertones about society.

The sci-fi action film Gamer, starring Gerard Butler as Kable, chronicles a futuristic society in which reality and video games merge and envelop the lives of individuals. Through the pursuit of unethical consumerism, the society has created a complex mind-control technology that gives humans the ability to control the behavior and movements of other humans. A form of exploitation that is all too embraced by megalomaniac billionaire Ken Castle, played by Michael C. Hall, who in turn creates the ideal video game, "Slayers." "Slayers" enables users to participate in a multiplayer online shooter game and take full bodily control of a living breathing human being. All of the avatars in "Slayers" are real death-row inmates who are given the opportunity to walk away free and clear after a total of 30 gruesome and savage game sessions. Kable is one of the hundreds of inmates who has been put, against his will in this dire situation. He must either fight or die.

But, Kable has too much at stake with his wife and young daughter awaiting his release. Kable soon becomes a superstar in the eyes of the public as he has miraculously survived 27 brutal sessions, a landmark achievement yet to be attained by any other inmate. Kable seeks to continue defying the odds in the hope of seeing his family again. But his only solution is to escape the game and be let loose by his human controller, Simon. Once Simon reluctantly releases him, Kable must charge through violent battles and impossible upheavals to return to the life he once knew, an accomplishment that will not come easy as Kable must go head to head with Castle in the ultimate showdown. Will he survive? Or will he fall victim to the mind-control technology of his over-powering puppeteer Castle?

Hall is, without a doubt, genius in his sinister role as Castle. And Butler's role as Kable is quite endearing as you find yourself rooting for him the entire time. The film incorporates flawless special effects from the hard-core battle scenes to the bloody remains of the epic battles. Furthermore, the highly charged chemistry between Butler and Hall is evident. Butler represents the brawn and Hall represents the wit and cunningness that fits him so well.

Overall, this film delivers and what you see is most definitely what you get. I would recommend Gamer to anyone who enjoys a great action film and who loves a film of thrilling excess.


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